Kaoru Matsumura
Kaoru Matsumura DeadTube
Name: Kaoru Matsumura
Kanji: (まつ) (むら) カオル
Rōmaji: Matsumura Kaoru
Nicknames: Macchan
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Part-Time Student


Sexuality: Straight
Education: High School (Still Enrolled)
Family: None Known
Marital Status: Single
First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 28 Chapter 43 (Seen Alive)

Kaoru Matsumura ( (まつ) (むら) カオル Matsumura Kaoru?) is a former member of the Dead-tube group Team Firenza.

Appearance Edit

Kaoru is a slim girl with rather large breasts. She wears glasses and has very long hair which she fashions into twin braids. When participating in the 15 second Dead Tube competition she wore her long hair styled in two braided loops.

Personality Edit

Kaoru is something of a Katana-otaku, going so far as to name her weapons and talking about them passionately. She had no qualms about murdering middle-schoolers and excuses her actions as being that of a normal hard working student.

  Plot Edit

In chapter 28 Kaoru makes an appearance as she cuts down a middle-school girl, severing her head and killing the younger girl. She is chased away and decides to take a bathroom break, where Mai finds her and defeats her with a German-suplex.

Later in chapter 34, she appears again, the only survivor or her Deadtube team she is shown worrying about how she will make money.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever she feels stressed out she has a habit of having to use the bathroom.
  • She loses her virginity in chapter 37
  • The kanji spelling of her name changes between chapter 34 and chapter 35.