Miiko Yamada
Miiko Yamada DeadTube
Name: Miiko Yamada
Kanji: (やま) () みい ()
Rōmaji: Yamada Miiko
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 15 years old
Occupation: Student
Sexuality: Unknown
Education: High School
Cause of Death: Fallen to her Death
Place of Death: Unknown
Killer: Film Research Club
First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 3 Chapter 6 (Death)

Tomohiro Machiya ( (やま) () みい () Miiko Yamada?)[1] was a 1st year student of Kyoutoku Academy and the makeup artist of the Film Research Club.



She seemed to be a serious and hardworking individual.


Miiko was a short girl with a slim build and yellow eyes that wore her medium-length pink[2] hair in twintails.


Despite being a member of the group it seems that she was not aware of what the rest of her club were planning. Miiko did partake in a staged photo where she had been seeming been beaten up, but whether this was really the case or of it was makeup was never answered. In the end Miiko was betrayed by the other Club members as they drugged and disguised as Sanagi and then thrown out of of a window of the school[2]. According to Sanagi, the reason she was killed was because the director wanted to add a sense of realism.



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