Toshio Furui
T001 (2)
Name: Toshio Furui
Kanji: (ふる) () 寿 (とし) ()
Rōmaji: Furui Toshio
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years old
Cause of Death: Died off-screen when his exploding collar activated.
First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 12 Chapter 13(death)

Toshio Furui ( (ふる) () 寿 (とし) () Furui Toshio?)[1] attends Kyoutoku Academy's second year. He is seen in the fourth arc where DEAD Tube requests suicide videos

Appearance Edit

He always has a frown and a depressing personality.

Personality Edit

Toshio is a lone wolf who gets bullied and has no will to live. He has no wishes or wants and he finds life to be boring.

History Edit

He is known to have no fear of death. He agreed to Machiya being the director and doing whatever he says and he is directed to have sex with Mizuno for the suicide video this is his first time having intercourse. He then makes out with Mizuno.The next day he requests Mizuno to distance herself until boys who are bullies leave him alone leading him to tell her that it's "whatever". He was spared from fighting due to Mai beating the boys up who are now errand boys for him, giving Yaki-Soba bread. He is given a million dollars everyday and he has to spend it all so he takes Mizuno out to dinner then they later leading to sex. He also buys food for male classmates and buys girls clothes. He is later seen smiling only then he is directed to commit his suicide. He is given a collar with an explosive attached. He said that during the few days he had left he felt happiness as the filming starts he is shocked that Mizuno is crying leading for him to change his mind on suicide and becomes scared of death then begs for the collar to be removed while in tears. Toshio's final words are "DON'T WANT TO DIE!!".

Furui Toshio Crying
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Toshio's last moments
Kitakawa Touta
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Trivia Edit

  • He is seen to have emotion five seconds before his death
  • He developed feelings for Mizuno
  • He was seen smiling and later crying
  • He felt happy during his last days
  • He doesn't seem to get aroused
  • Mizuno states that he's gentle

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