Yuusuke Tegoma
Tegoma Yuusake DeadTube
Tegoma Yūsuke, 手駒 祐介
Name: Yuusuke Tegoma
Kanji: ユースケ テゴマ
Rōmaji: Tegoma Yuusuke
Nicknames: Yūsuke Tegoma (Japanese)
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Detective
Sexuality: Straight
Cause of Death: Chopped to death with a meat-cleaver.
Place of Death: Rock River Island
First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 14 Chapter 22

Yuusuke Tegoma (ユースケ テゴマ,Tegoma Yuusuke) was a detective and one of the twelve members seen in the fifth arc, that joined the mission of filming the target in Rock River Island which was just a cover to oversee the activities of two other Deadtubers Mai Mashiro and Tomohiro Machiya.


A completely unknown backstory other than Yuusuke Tegoma was paid to investigate the Deadtubers Mai Mashiro and Tomohiro Machiya by a paying customer, who was later revealed to be a mysterious man named George who was crazily obsessed with the online popular duo.


Yuusuke, was shown to be a friendly, courageous, and willing to sacrifice himself type of individual.

He was shown to save other people even if it was a threat to himself, Yuusuke was just a usual guy which he has shown to act flirtatious towards the young ladies (like with Mai) and has a laid-back attitude with a leadership personality, as shown when dispersing a conflict.


Manga: Yuusuke appears to have blonde or bleached shaggy hair and is shown to be a slightly above average height for a Japanese man.


Hired by George to investigate Mai and Tomohiro. Doing so he enters Dead Tube as a participant on the Rock River Island. Once on the island, he does his best to solve the mystery of the Killer Rascal while trying to protect everyone involved. Despite his best efforts he fails miserably and dies at the hands of the killer while protecting Hanae with his body.


  • Yuusuke means "A resourceful man" and Tegoma means either "game pieces" or "soldiers".